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Monsieur Jean Hotel Particulier: A Success Story

By Rikki Cavanagh

Monsieur Jean is a gorgeous, 78-room, boutique property in the heart of Quebec City. Opening just before the pandemic proved to be a unique challenge. They implemented Rate Yield in the second half of 2023 and immediately saw the impact on their performance. RevPAR nearly doubled every month since t...

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Rate Yield Featured Features: March 2024

By Rikki Cavanagh

Our development team has been busy at Rate Yield! We are excited to announce product enhancements that have been made in recent months and are a testament to our unique value proposition! 

Market Place: 

  1. The competitive set is a crucial part of Rate Yield’s algorithm. As of March 2024, you c...

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Considerations for Selecting an RMS

By Rikki Cavanagh

Selecting a revenue management system for your hotel is not a simple choice to make. While it may not touch as many departments as a PMS, your RMS will set your hotel’s pricing and ultimately drive your profitability. Here are 5 things you may want to consider when selecting your RMS: 

  1. Automatio...

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The Most Revenue Optimized Place on Earth

By Rikki Cavanagh

Next week I am visiting Walt Disney World with my kids and their best friends. I’ve been dreaming of taking my kids to Disney since before I even met my husband, meanwhile he has never been and imagined that he’d take his children to Disney once for the trip of a lifetime. I managed to convince him ...

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The Importance of Willingness to Pay

By Rikki Cavanagh

The willingness to pay of consumers depends on their reason for travelling. Are they coming to your destination because it is a major tourist destination, a city with corporate demand or a conference center, or for a particular activity? Having worked with hotels in Mont-Tremblant briefly, I was cur...

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