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Rate Yield
Yield more revenue, period!

Your Automated Revenue Management System

With our guided implementation process and flexible settings, Rate Yield makes it easy to grow profits with confidence, automatically.

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Grow Profits

  • Rates are modified in accordance with the market and your own performance
  • Allocate weights to hotels in your competitive set by day of week or season
  • Remove bias from pricing and rely on AI to analyze trends in real time
  • Set room type differentials in fixed dollar amounts or percentages to optimize profits on upsells
  • Set different strategies for different booking windows
  • Adjust your pricing strategy automatically depending on your pick up trends

With Confidence

  • Set your minimum and maximum rate thresholds
  • Control the influence of your competitors on the algorithm with weightings
  • Run displacement analyses on group quotes
  • Override the rates on any given day if required
  • Track your performance against your budget and forecasts
  • Take advantage of the support team that is at your disposal


  • Rates are optimized throughout the day in real time
  • Rates are loaded for 365 days in advance
  • Automated competitive price shopping from multiple different sources
  • Reports emailed daily directly to your inbox

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